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Often, themes, e.g. conflict management, are not the concern of the entire team, but only of one or two employees. Coaching then becomes the most cost-effective approach.

Many StartUps have individual development issues, e.g. coaching of...

  • a candidate CTO is afraid to commit to the StartUp
  • a team member is not accepted in the group because of his personal style
  • two team members are embroiled in a conflict or competition
  • a team member does not take the liberty of proposing "out of the box" solutions
  • a team member does not sufficiently influence his colleagues
  • a team leader has insufficient human contact with his employees
  • ...

In a large organisation, these types of development issues may be annoying. In a StartUp, they can become critical to the overall team's success. This development gives relief to the team and has a direct positive effect on team performance.

Because of our education and experience, we are well acquainted with organisations with many development projects and which are under constant high performance pressure. We have successfully coached with almost every conceivable development issue. Upon request, we can provide you with confidential client references. Most of our coachees are referred to us by word of mouth.



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Geert Haentjens
Geert Haentjens
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