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Geert Haentjens - Training & Consulting

Who We are?

What makes us into who we are?

Our education

  • Graduate and phD in Psychology (F. U. Brussels and C.U. Louvain)
  • Master in Science of Management, Boston University Brussels
  • Behaviour therapy
  • Numerous specialised technical courses

In-company experience

More than 15 years as HR professional and manager (e.g. as HR Director) and trainer in:

  • Generale Bank (now BNP Paribas Fortis, Banking and insurances)
  • Alcatel (Telecom)
  • Monsanto (Chemical and Agricultural products)
  • Toyota (European Headquarter)
  • Roche (Food, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural products)

Internal company experience in various industries and positions, so a practical and realistic approach.

Experience as consultant, trainer and coach

See our client portfolio at 'Who we work for' and what we can do for you at 'What we do'

Who we are as a person

  • Husband: one lady, in good and bad days
  • Father: two sons, now on their own way
  • Enthusiastic, result-oriented, empathic
  • Working is a privilige
Geert Haentjens

Training, Consulting & Coaching.
More effective, efficient and enjoyable work for individuals, teams and organisations

Targetted for
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