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Our competencies

Due to our competencies from many years of experience in various companies and industries, we can offer a full package of HR services.

The brightest gem in our treasure trove is the creating of effective, efficient and enjoyable work of individuals, teams and organisations. Its origins lie in our expertise in the field of developing and implementing coaching and performance appraisal systems.

Examples of projects which we completed successfully

Our competencies in Human Resources Management

  • (Re)define HR strategy and policies
  • (Re)start the Personnel Department
  • Develop and implement employee work satisfaction surveys
  • Coach line management in HR practices
  • Regional salary surveys
  • Activate a career, retention or training policy
  • Develop tools for the evaluation of training
  • Coaching during career changes
  • Develop and implement tools for job descriptions
  • Quantitative and qualitative manpower planning
  • Prepare, train and conduct terminations
  • Prepare, train and conduct negotiations with unions
  • Implement more discipline in teams
  • Intensify exit interviews
  • Organisation development

Our competencies in developing and conducting seminars

  • Communication skills
  • Presentation and advisory skills, train the trainer
  • Problem solving
  • Conflict management
  • Successful self and time management
  • Supervisory and delegation skills
  • Management skills
  • Change management

Also competencies in facilitating project and management teams

  • Teambuilding
  • MBTI Step I and II
  • Vision and Mission
  • ...

How can we make you successful in Performance Management?

  • Development of your performance management system
  • Project management
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Newsletter

 Our competencies in development of the system

  • You want to benefit from our experience and knowledge of the different techniques for appraising and improving performance, e.g. by seeking an all-out audit or a piece of practical advice
  • Or you want your PDP (Personal Development Plans) or Competence Management linked to your Performance Management system
  • Or you need advice and simulations of the link between performance appraisal and reward
  • Or you are short of experience or manpower in the HR Department
  • Or you are afraid that organisational myopia will play you tricks on you during the diagnosis of the actual or desired situation
  • Or you are uncertain about the most efficient administrative process
  • and so on.

 Project management

  • You are interested in our practical know-how in implementing personnel systems and solving the accompanying sticking points
  • Or you need an external expert who can bring an inspiring and proven message, as support to the communication of Top Management and the Human Resources Department
  • Or you also want also to bring in an external order of business and perspective
  • Or you need a 'politically neutral character ' e.g. in communication with unions
  • etc.

 Our competencies in behavioural Skills Training

  • You want to support the most critical link: the manager or supervisor who is taking his/her first steps, or who needs to refresh or fine tune of his/her skills in personal effectiveness and in management of the team and the organisation
  • Or you need the co-workers to become active business partners during one-on-ones, coaching or appraisal meetings and afterwards to set to work with enthusiasm and effectiveness
  • And you want to be sure the training is very practical and interactive and based on scientifically sound concepts
  • etc.


Some key individuals in your organisation need additional support: a HR manager needs advice during the implementation phase, there's an urgent need for a manager has to start guiding and coaching a (difficult) team...


We published, in Dutch, an informative newsletter, full of practical tips and insights on Performance Management. Internal HR managers can register and flick through our archives. Clicking on the following link will take you to the Dutch part of my website. The English part contains only a part of the Dutch contributions. Go to our articles Performance Management in Dutch.

Our services are available in English and Dutch.

For more information on our education, experience and clients.

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