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Soft skill training

Team members of a HiTech or BioTech StartUp or R&D department are often chosen and developed for their scientific expertise. But that does not mean they are productive, their soft skills translate talent and expertise into results.

Need to develop their (self-)leadership, communication, problem solving, decision making skills and influencing style is critical.

We have a wide range of competency soft skill trainings that we tailor to your organisation and specific needs:

Personal effectiveness and leadership: time management; appreciative and critical-analytical problem solving; assertiveness...
Communication skills: basic skills; communication styles and their effect; convincing; influencing; meetings; presenting; training; negotiating; ...
Team skills: cooperation; dealing with disagreements and conflicts
Management: beginning manager; managing a hybrid team; one-on-one & assessment interviews...
Management skills: leading executives; managing by means of structures and systems
Change management and organisational development: dealing with resistance; result & customer orientation... increase.

The combination of results for people and business is central to our approach.

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