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HiTech and BioTech StartUp; R&D

The world of the Tech StartUp is special:

  • your technology is still in development
  • but you need to get your product to the market quickly
  • but you need to find or create your market
  • but your timeline and finances are (very) limited
  • and your team is growing, growing... (or should be)

What answers do we offer? You get an effective and efficient collaborative team by...

  • assessing your key employees: CEO, COO, CTO, CFO...
  • teambuilding: full speed ahead!
  • (self) leadership, communication and influencing
  • individual coaching

And so much more, the final result of your StartUp counts.

HiTech and BioTech StartUp; R&D


Most StartUps do not have enough people to carry out the many and complex tasks successfully. How do you ensure that you make the best use of your scarce manpower? The answer is... through teambuilding!

Assessment Key Positions StartUp

A failed recruitment of a key person (CEO, COO, VP Eng...) threatens the existence, and certainly the success, of your StartUp. That is why in-depth assessments, including behavioural tests, are necessary. A lot of research has shown that a well executed assessment considerably reduces the chance of making a wrong decision (hiring a 'bad' candidate, letting a good candidate slip).


Often, themes, e.g. conflict management, are not the concern of the entire team, but only of one or two employees. Coaching then becomes the most cost-effective approach.

Soft skill training

Team members of a HiTech or BioTech StartUp or R&D department are often chosen and developed for their scientific expertise. But that does not mean they are productive, their soft skills translate talent and expertise into results. Need to develop their (self-)leadership, communication, problem solving, decision making skills and influencing style is critical.

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